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Bayern announced a high fine and a heavy penalty

The Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich have officially announced that they will impose a high penalty

on midfielder Ribery for verbal abuse of fans. At present, Ribery has accepted the club’s decision peacefully. The reason for this is that Ribery

recently ate a “Salt Brother” steak in Dubai. Some fans criticized Ribery for being too luxurious,

while Ribery refused to be weak. He abused fans for being born in the world because of holes in condoms.

Let’s briefly review the whole story. On Jan. 3, Ribery uploaded a video of him eating at Salt Brother’s Steak Restaurant. In the video, Ribery

imitates Salt Brother’s action and sprinkles salt on the steak. His action is obviously too strange. This steak restaurant is very famous

in Dubai, including Messi, Bogba and other famous stars have visited this restaurant before.

Originally, Ribery sent this video just for fun. Unexpectedly, netizens had a dispute over the price of steak.

According to German media reports, the Ribery Point steak costs up to 1,200 euros, because the steak was soaked in gold foil and became

a gold foil steak. For a while, a small universe broke out among some fans, who criticized Ribery

for being too luxurious, not knowing how to save at all and not worthy of being a public figure.

Ribery is a quick-tempered man. Can he bear such insults from keyboarders? Ribery then responded with three tweets on the internet, and

the words were fierce. The French midfielder wrote angrily: “In 2019, I have to deal with this mess because of the jealous and hateful

people who were born because of holes in condoms. I XXXXXX, I XXXX, I XXXX, I don’t owe you anything. Thank God for my success. Thank those who believe in me and those I love.

As for the others, you’re just pebbles in my socks.” “Why don’t you report when I’m doing charity? You are more interested in discussing

me and my family and paying more attention to my vacation experience. You are always there for these meaningless things.” “I can do whatever I want to do and spend my own money.”

Ribery’s wife also responded to the fans’behaviour: “I’m glad to see you (fans) following us into the restaurant. Your behaviour makes

me sick. Why are there so many idiots and jerks here? Since then, the steak incident has continued to ferment. French media say that the price of the steak Ribery eats is not

1200 euros at all, but 1200 dirhams (UAE currency unit), equivalent to 300 euros. Moreover, Ribery did not pay for the dinner, but was invited to eat by his friends.

Nevertheless, the Bayern club still considered Ribery’s abuse of fans was not in line with the regulations and decided to impose a fine on him

. Sports director Salihamidzic said today: “Ribery didn’t pay for the steak. He was invited by a friend. However, due to the misinformation, his

family and wife were abused. I agree with him that he has the right to defend his rights. But Ribery’s response was too extreme and his behaviour was unacceptable to the

club. In response to this, we communicated with him, we want to impose a high fine on him, he said he accepted the punishment.

In an interview, Bayern Muller forward expressed his support for Ribery: “This is something that our

top management should pay attention to. For the team, this is irrelevant. Ribery is an absolute team player. He is often attacked by others. He has to protect himself.