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In 2019, the zodiac stamps will be issued soon, so let’s have a look!

The Zodiac stamps have always been a hot topic in the collection category. Since the release of the Gengshen monkey stamps in 1980, they

have been issued to the fourth round. In January 5, 2019, the fourth round of pig tickets will be released.

“The Year of Hai” is a set of 2 postage stamps for the Year of Pig,

with the designs of “Fat Pig Wangfu” and “Five Blessings Gathering”.

Meaning ground gas, to “home” for the meaning.

The first picture is called “Fertile Pig Wangfu”. The belly of a fat pig hides the universe, and it is simple.

It expresses the joy of the vivid wind by running dynamically, which symbolizes the running towards a better life.

The second picture is “five benefits gathering”. It is the first time to fully reflect the concept of “family

happiness” in a Chinese Zodiac stamp. The two big pigs and three piglets are also looking at the same time. They are happy and happy.

This set of stamps was designed by the famous artist Mr. Han Meilin. Mr. Han Meilin is familiar with the

design of the Olympic Fuwa, but as early as the first round of Chinese Zodiac stamps, Han Meilin had participated in the design of the 1983 pig

ticket. The fourth round of the chicken lunar new year stamps is also designed by him. After a year, he

is once again a designer of pig tickets. The 82 year old teacher, Han Meilin, has been working tirelessly

for the sake of art. This spirit is also worthy of our praise for such an excellent master of Art.

The details of the 2019 porcine Zodiac stamps are as follows:

Logo: 2019-1

Nominal Face Value of Sequence Graph

(2-1) T Fat Pig Wangfu 1.20 Yuan

(2-2) T Wufu gathers 1.20 yuan

Stamp Specification: 36 x 36 mm

Dental aperture: 13 degrees

Number of Entire Sheets: 16 Formats

Twenty-six formats

Full Specification: Format 168 x 196 mm

Format 2 128 x 180 mm

Small note number: (56) 2019

Specification of finished products of small promissory notes: 121 x 88mm

Small note price: 12 yuan

Type: Overprinting with glue engraving

Anti-counterfeiting methods: anti-counterfeiting paper, anti-counterfeiting ink, special-shaped teeth, fluorescent jet code

Designer: Han Meilin

Sculptors: Dong Qi and Xu Zhe

Designer of small promissory note: Wang Huming

Responsible Editor: Wang Jing

Printing Plant: Beijing Stamp Factory

The large stamps are surrounded by Oracle Bone Inscriptions of the twelve zodiac signs, which also illustrates the long history of Chinese Zodiac culture. The special anti-counterfeiting stamp paper, which has won the highest prize in China’s security

and anti-counterfeiting industry, is used to print the zodiac stamps. Through printing technology, the

rights and interests of philatelic enthusiasts are guaranteed. It is really “easy to identify and not easy to copy”.