Bangkok, Thailand, fog seriously all schools for two days

China news agency in Bangkok January 30 (xinhua antidromic) as the fog haze, air quality worsens, 30, has ordered the ministry o

f education in Thailand, Bangkok and surrounding areas all public and private schools, including pri

mary and secondary schools, universities, etc.) in the next two days, namely on January 31 and February 1, all closed.

Bangkok this round of haze has last several weeks.Morning in Bangkok Thailand pollution control department 30 39 areas detected toxic fumes.

Local time on January 22nd, Bangkok, Thailand, drone operators flying drones in the air spraying chemicals, deal with air pollution.

Thailand’s education minister tyra jie said, according to the report of the pollution control department, Bangkok and

surrounding areas in the air PM2.5 concentration exceeds bid badly, has reached the degree of harmful to heal

th.Based education committee office to protect students’ health, the ministry of education, vocational education com

mittee office and the private education commission office has all schools next two days will be fully closed.

Bangkok’s mayor, sand cloud also said that 437 schools within their respective jurisdicti

ons have been asked to Bangkok from 30 at 12 noon on the day closed, head back to class next Monday, in order to p

rotect the students from the serious fog haze, and to reduce the automobile usage of parents to children.