427 enterprises under the name of Liu Qiangdong’s best fe

Recently, Liu Qiangdong’s female assistant was completely fired. This female assistant attracted attention beca

use Liu Qiangdong opened a new company last2019/0cn/d Tianjin Jingdong Daye Trading Co., Ltd. which ope

rates in wholesale and retail industries. The legal person of the company is Zhang Dai, a 30-year-old female assistant of Liu Qiangdong.

Everyone was curious about the assistant, so they checked her details. If you do

n’t know about it, you’ll be shocked. According to Tian Eye Check data, t

here are 427 enterprises under its name, and 291 enterprises have actual control rights, including Jingdong Logi

stics, Jingdong Pharmacy, Jingdong Yun and other local companies. Liu Qiangdong has 405 enterprises under his name

. Since 2019, Zhang Dao has been the legal representative of 13 new enterprises added by Liu Qiangdong.

Because it has more enterprises than its bosses, it i

s called the best “female assistant”. Well-known financial blogger @ Yulang Xiao thinks: This proves from one as

pect that Liu Qiangdong trusts her to the utmost. He believes that the reason why Liu Qiangdong let Zhang Tao act as a legal

person of many companies is mainly to facilitate and shorten the internal signature process. In fact, this is un

derstandable, after all, if all things are for Liu Qiangdong personally will be tired to death!