Trump insisted at a press conference that he and North K

  Kim Jong Un were executing a “nice walk” away from the table — but what exactly happened in Vietnam isn’t at all cle

ar, as both sides emerged with different stories in the hours after they packed up and headed home.

  Trump was unpleasantly surprised by a demand from Kim that all sanctions be lifted on North Korea, according to a pe

rson familiar with the negotiations, believing the young despot had come to Hanoi prepared to deal.

  But North Korean Foreign Minister Ru Yong Ho offered a contradictory story. “What we proposed was not the rem

oval of all sanctions, but their partial removal,” the North Korean official said, pointing to United Nations sanctions fro

m 2016 and 2017 that “impede the civilian economy and the livelihood of our people.”

  In Washington, the anti-climactic end prompted a flood of relief.