Second, to achieve socialist modernization by 2035, the propo

ortion of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in GDP should be roughly 3 percent, 32 percent and 65 perc

ent, just like it was for the developed countries when their per capita GDP reached 35,000 international dollars in PPP

terms. Which means China should focus on developing the service industry, especially the high-end service industry.

China should also maintain a high ratio of manufacturing industries, especially those related to key technolog

ies, in the GDP, as it is difficult to maintain a high TFP growth rate by depending on the agricultural and service industries.

To achieve such an industrial structure, the authorities should adjust the labor force distributio

n. Global experience suggests the working population declines in the primary industry and increases in th

e tertiary industry with the increase in per capita income and improvement in people’s living condition.