According to Liang Zhiqiang, China Mobile Shanghai

deputy general manager, the city’s sound economic environment, systematic industri

al outlay, huge market potential and vast talent pool have given it a unique edge in information technology.

In February Shanghai announced a 5G deployment program in Hongqiao Railway S

tation, where users will be able to watch live broadcasts of town hall meetings and avail of lightning-quick do

wnloads of high-resolution movies, when mobile devices such as 5G-powered phones and tablets become available.

Aside from speed, 5G also enables high-definition transmissions in real time (which

means low latency) and will bolster development in the internet of things industry.

Inflammables carried by a passenger caused the tour coach fire that killed 26 and

injured 28 in Central China’s Hunan province on March 22, local police said Saturday.

Chen Jiansen, a 51-year-old passenger from Henan province, took highly inflammable pyrot

echnic substances with him to board the coach in Kaifeng, Henan province, heading to Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.