Leaving the public medical system gives me more room

 to pursue my dream career, and I hope to sign the best eye doctors to provide the best medical service,” Zhou said.

About 1,090 group practices had been established by the end of 2018 in China,

and nearly 700 are registered in Shenzhen in Gu

angdong province, where government policies are more supportive than in

other places, according to a rep

ort jointly released recently by Vistamed, a healthcare industry publication, and a

private hospital m

anagement research institute affiliated to the China hospital development

institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Analysis of 20 of the top 100 group medical practices showed most of the

founders are specialist doctors who used to w

ork in top-level public hospitals, and more than half of the CEOs are doctors,

according to the report.The report said th

e Chinese authorities’ ongoing efforts in healthcare system reforms, which enable

doctors to practice with incr

easing freedom outside the public system, have given dynamic momentum

to the growth of group medical practices.